Listen to Toro y Moi – “Say That”


Like many great musicians, Toro y Moi began in a bedroom as a solo project. To this day, Chazwick Bundick, the 24-year-old South Carolina native, still sees himself as underdeveloped despite his recent success. His work is clearly constantly evolving and there is a good change that it has yet to fully mature. His chillwave performance has grown into an immersive live experience, with auditory influences from the genres of R&B, freak folk, and even french house.

Toro y Moi’s academic prowess in graphic design thanks to his UC Berkeley roots is evident from the stimulating imagery used in the music video for “Say That.” The relaxing forest and green landscapes serve as a pleasant backdrop for his multi-layered lo-fi sound and encourage most listeners to bounce around to the melodies. The upbeat rhythms blend with a smooth, soulful bass reminiscent of a funky dance party.

Check out his interview from last year where he talks about how it has always been important for him to go against expectations. A review/preview of his album Anything In Return examines the “evocative of internal emotional dialogue” heard on the record, which should be formally released this year on January 22. Toro y Moi is also scheduled to play on two consecutive nights for the Noise Pop Festival held at the Independent on March 1 and 2.