Live Review of The Weeknd at The Warfield


Abel Tesfaye–better known as The Weeknd–brought the heat to San Francisco on an otherwise frigid December evening. Tesfaye played over half the tracks off his recent 30 song reissue, Trilogy.

The reissue was received with mixed reviews at its release this November. Some critics, like our very own David Johnson-Igra, began to question The Weeknd’s legitimacy. Some critics were puzzled as to why Tesfaye started selling music he had previously released for free. I, personally, appreciated the reissue. Not only are the tracks remastered, but we now get to enjoy the entire Weeknd catalogue on music sites such as Spotify. Plus, 30 songs for $11.99 (on iTunes) ain’t bad.

Hence, Monday night was a night of redemption for the Weeknd. Tesfaye’s hotter than hell croon and fancy as fuck footwork made all the young girls in attendance shriek. A few moments even had me thinking I was watching Michael Jackson reincarnated. With the help of a live band and some lovely female backup singers, the Weeknd spruced up and brought a new enjoyable sound to hits like “Wicked Games”.

Crowd favorites such as “The Morning” and “Crew Love” had the young hip-hop crowd shouting out the lyrics. By the end of the night Tesfaye asked, “Did I get sexy for you, San Francisco?” On behalf of everyone there at the Warfield Monday night: yes, you certainly did.

1. Enemy
2. Loft Music
3. The Party
4. What You Need
5. Next
6. Twenty Eight
7. The Knowing
8. The Morning
9. House of Balloons
10. The Birds Part 1
11. Crew Love
12. High for This
13. Wicked Games
14. Rolling Stone

15. Montreal
16. Outside