Captain Murphy “Duality” Deluxe Edition


A lot is happening on DualityFlying Lotus‘ first mixtape as Captain Murphy.  Nasally inner thoughts talk over percolating bongs. Production signatures shift from Madlib’s weedy inoculation to Flying Lotus’ futurist ventures. In many ways, the smorgasbord of styles highlight the range of Lotus’ influences and footprint on hip hop. From the Brainfeeder troupe and future beats movement, to Flying Lotus’ start in tripped out hip hop with 1983 and Los Angeles. 

Before the unveiling of Captain Murphy’s true identity, many had speculated (including us) that the man behind the shades was Tyler The Creator. Even now, knowing it’s Fly Lo, the vocal alterations still reflect Tyler’s style.

I’ll have to take a few more listens before making any bold opinions one way or another, but if it’s anything like “Killing Joke” as a whole, I’ll be one happy camper.