Photos of Simian Mobile Disco at Mezzanine


Even the 50+ MPH winds and a torrential downpour couldn’t hold back hundreds of clubbers from descending upon Mezzanine on Saturday night to catch Simian Mobile Disco. I arrived relatively early and was quite surprised to learn that the show had already sold out, which is no small feat for the spacious venue.

The electronic duo formed in 2005, rely pretty much solely on analogue equipment. This gives their tunes a nice warm feel to them. Their famed live performance utilize a wide assortment of analogue gear, which the two twist and tinker to transmit their hazy brand of techno/house electronica.

Simian Mobile Disco put their skills to solid use, giving Mezzanine’s Funktion 1 system a proper workout. Building a long head-nodding set, they drew from their album material to compose live renditions. They covered a number of tracks from their 2007 album Attack, Sustain, Decay, Release (Whichita Recordings). The 2007 hit “Hustler” received a rousing reaction from the crowd. Then they closed their set with the phenomenal “Sleep Deprivation,” which was hands down the highlight of the night. They never relied on harsh electro sounding synths, or the ever popular boom-bap of trap or dubstep, to translate their musical message. They delivered a tasteful set of chilled out, but highly danceable electronic music, and San Francisco’s crowd ate it up. If you get the chance, I would recommend not missing out on their performance. You will silently thank me for it later.

-Written by  Andrew Staley