Listen to Alicia Keys – When It’s All Over


There are no boundaries for Alicia Keys. Both she and her husband, record producer Swizz Beatz, feel that their two year old son is ready to make his vocal debut. “When It’s All Over” is an experimental collaboration with producer Jamie xx of The xx, who has previously done work with both Drake and Rihanna. From her newly released fifth album, Girl on Fire, the Grammy award winner successfully delivers a modernized classic R&B sound that also features a subtle mixture of many genres.

Her emotive vocals set a soft, comfortable mood on the jazzy industrial track, yet dramatically enhance the subtle blend of hip-hop, soul and alt-dance vibe. Jamie provides woozy, atmospheric textures through a dynamic backdrop created by a variety of cymbals, an electric bass line, a pulsing bass drum and stuttering synths. The ending includes a tender cameo from her own son, Egypt.