Listen to Flume – Insane (feat. Moon Holiday)


Harley Streten is a local Sydney beat maker who got his first taste for producing music at age 13 from the unlikeliest of sources: a cereal box. The breakfast bundle strangely ignited his career because it included a music production program. Now 20-years old, he still lives with his parents in the Australian beach-side suburb of Manly and performs as the dance artist, Flume, with heavy melodic bass that represents a friendly future sound.

This recent collaboration with atmospheric vocalist and Sydney resident Moon Holiday (Alex Ward) originates from his self-titled debut album that was released on November 9 via Future Classic. The ghostly edits and chromatic beat amplify the enigmatic aura. Garish alterations sweeten the mood for a lush and flourishing experience. Flume constantly adds new elements and vocal manipulation to the melancholy chord progression, avoiding repetition and keeping listeners entertained.

He recently shared fascinating thoughts about his music during an awesome interview with a local radio station: “The whole “EDM” thing, it’s been commercialised – but dance music for me has now become like TNGHT, that Hudson Mohawke and Lunice trap kind of stuff. All of those guys is what I’m really enjoying about dance music right now. It’s not four-four stuff, but it’s club music and for me that’s the future of dance music.”