Listen to Daphni – “Ahora”


Dan Snaith once recorded as Manitoba, but was forced to renamed himself Caribou in 2004 after a lawsuit threat by Richard “Handsome Dick” Manitoba, who had used the surname professionally since the 1970’s but never released any music as a solo artist. Although he experiments more often as Caribou, Snaith recently released the album Jiaolong under his dance-oriented moniker, Daphni.

“Ahora” is a hypnotic, beat-heavy tech house track. The prominent oriental melody is backed by booming drums reverberating in a near tribal manner. Minimal riffs build a friendly, synth-laden club vibe ideal for low light lounge environments. Progressions unexpectedly transition throughout, revealing layers of funk that galvanize spontaneous dance maneuvers.

In an interview with SpaceLabTV he explained his recent activities and the new record:

“Electronic instruments are notoriously uncontrollable, unpredictable, and recalcitrant! I’ve been building a modular synthesizer, which plays a prominent role on this album. It growls or screams when I don’t expect it to. Nudging one dial changes the sound so drastically that I’ll never get the original sound back. It’s like improvising with another musician, and its voice is all over this music.”