Joey Bada$$ feat. Chuck Strangers – Fromdatomb$


He’s 17 but he spits so mean! Joey Bada$$, whom we previously mentioned (check our review of Joey Bada$$ – Rejex), released a throwback style video for “FromDaTomb$” off his 1999 debut mixtape. If the young rappers influences are any indicator, he’s got style. Sampling L.A. Noire’s “Main Theme,” the 90s minimalist beat takes one of hip hop’s most recognizable samples by Stetasonic’s (“Go Brooklyn”) and gives a tip of the cap to MF Doom when he raps, “Young villain hop up on the track then the track doomed
Click-clack-boom, resurrecting Boom-Bap from the tombs” (listen to “Figaro”).

Keep an eye on this kid.

His fellow Pro Era producer Chuck Stranger lends his talents to this track as well. The video was shot in HD, recorded to VHS and then recaptured for the 90’s 3D effect. The idea came from re-watching a bunch of old Wu Tang videos, starting with a concept that was solely based around shooting classic NYC hip hop performance scenes.