Bill Callahan “America!” (Official Video)


AMERICA!-Bill Callahan-official-video

Ushering in the unknown as we prepare to vote for our future leaders, it seems fitting to reflect on our past. In a Reading Rainbow like storybook, the video forĀ Bill Callahan‘s “America” takes viewers down to the bibel belt, underneath the sea of fast food and through the desert of destruction and expansion. “I watched David Letterman in Australia” Callahan sings about the prevalence of American culture abroad as he follows, “Oh I wish was on the next flight to America.” The dark distorted guitar slush in the back ground as Callahan’s confident tone begins to change, ominously, as he starts talking about the American army leaders. “America” is a dark look, with a few bright instances, such as the growing rainbow (of homosexuality) spanning the Golden Gate Bridge and the united black and white hands (of racial differences).

We’ll abstain from making any political suggestions–but merely cap this off by stating: take a moment to reflect on the strides we’ve taken as a country, relish where we are now from where started and then consider where you want to go, and above all–vote to make it happen.