Saint Etienne at The Fillmore [Photos]


Saint Etienne has been rocking stages like the Fillmore’s for decades. A 90s export from London, somehow named after a French football club, they helped lay the groundwork for the electric-pop sound that is dominating the music scene. Not that you’d necessarily know it, listening to their music compared to the tunes of today. Where that electric indie-dance scene started and where the grumble of dubstep is leading it now are two vastly different sounds.

However the crowd at the Fillmore was not one to bother with the grumble of dubstep. They were happy instead filling the floor with a multitude of mini dance parties. The Fillmore staff themselves were taken aback at how friendly and polite this crowd turned out to be; nothing like your average electronic-dance crowd.

Lead singer, Sarah Cracknell, quickly set the tone for the night when she started sipping her gin + tonic onstage. This was a throwback dance party, minus the raging movement of dubstep and enjoying instead the one-two side step and head bob of the 90s. How quickly the entire audience was in sync, it was amazing!

Performance wise, Sarah hid behind her microphone stand for most of the set. I’m a fan of more energy on-stage and wished the trio had brought a bit more physicality to the show. Especially for dance music, something is just not there when the performers are rather static behind a microphone. Not to say she needed to be doing choreographed dances, but a bit of a one-two step herself would have gone a long way, for me.