Listen to Psychobuildings “Wonderchamber”


Psychobuildings are a progressive, New York-based dance-rock outfit personified by their unique blend of dark, synthetic melodies with savvy vocal themes. This killer combination creates fresh aura of new-wave sound that is sure to appeal to exotic party-people types.

All of the band members are very involved with their visual presentations, and this eccentric video craftily exhibits these bold tendencies. Filmed in various locations throughout Brooklyn, the images are primarily edited using Adobe After Effects to generate jovial, kaleidoscopic visuals of leader Peter LaBier prancing around shirtless. The capricious song comes from their Hearts EP, released via WonderSound Records.

Peter delivers clever lyrics using tense vocals that are very much reminiscent of The Talking Heads. He drowsily emphasizes each note in an inauspicious tone, heightening the trepidation throughout the chilling, esoteric grooves.