[SOTD] Danny Brown x Purity Ring – Belispeak II


When Danny Brown was asked over Twitter which artist he’d most like to work with, the gritty Detroit emcee responded with a surprising Montreal-based trap hop duo Purity Ring. Though the discrepancies seem great, both the artists have similarly seen their sudden rise in stardom this year amongst the Pitchfork crowds with their strange likeability, familiar in experimental nature and distinguishing sounds.

Surprising or not, Purity Ring bring a sequel to their eclectic single from their critically acclaimed debut album Shrines with the Danny Brown laced “Belispeak II” “remix,” a rework that brings new life to the already vivid track. Over the hard hitting instrumental, the missing toothed rapper double times through outlying toms and glitchy synths for a few lines, emphasizing the velocity behind the production.

Taking the name literally, Brown spews lyrics of how his belly speaks, a metaphor for his hunger, all done fervent and squeaked to a signature high octave bordering delirium. Albeit the 2010 time capsule move of using the infamous auto-tune, the track provides us a fusion of some of our eras hottest musicians, giving the shining track even a little bit more shimmer.