Lights and Arkells at Great American Music Hall


The opening band for Lights, the Arkells, did more than play their part perfectly, teasing the young crowd in preparation for the main show. The Canadian indie rock band, which carried the Great American Music Hall stage well, deserve more credit.

Their music could easily play in a coffee shop or blast live at a house party. Though some of their songs would be forgettable on an album, with the energy they brought live, in such an intimate venue as the Great American Music Hall—they filled the room.

When the Canadian electropop star Lights hit the stage, the crowd went appropriately wild. Her sound is unbearably catchy, without quite crossing over to annoying. Unlike the Arkells, her music gets under your skin whether live or played at home. I still can’t quite decide if that’s a good thing or soured by the aftertaste that accompanies most pop songs.

She started out as many pop stars do, a daughter in a religious family. Unlike many pop stars, however, she didn’t just adopt the stage name of “Lights.” She legally changed her name when she was 18. Determined to break free of her childhood? Perhaps.

Though her look and her music seem at odds, I hope the evolution of her sound brings her more towards the dubstep, hip hop and pure electronic sounds that she seems to be veering towards. Her ability to hook a crowd and get it moving is a trait that would mix well with any of the aforementioned genres. Regardless, I’m hooked and will keep listening.