Photos of Matt & Kim at Fox Theater


Matt & Kim ran onto the Fox Theatre’s dark stage with strobe lights pulsing to heavy hip-hop beats. As a fireball blew up on the jumbo screen behind them, Kim jumped atop her drum set, banging her sticks together and dancing emphatically while Matt swung around a band t-shirt before tossing it into the audience.

“Now it’s time for our favorite song!” Matt shouted.

Seconds later they burst into “It’s Alright”—a hit song from Lightening, the duo’s latest album. Their energy was contagious. Matt opened with the song’s first lyric, “Maybe we’re going nowhere fast,” and the audience responded loudly with the song’s subsequent sound, “Oh Oh Oh Ohhh Oh.”

The show certainly didn’t slow down from there. Matt kicked back his legs and lifted one arm to signal “more” and “louder” from his listeners–all while simultaneously playing his keyboard. The crowd began jumping to the beat of the song, nodding their heads up and down with a hand in the air.

Kim’s drum playing could have been a stand-alone performance itself. Her theatrical facial expressions and the muscle definition of her tattooed arms could be seen from a mile away.

After a few songs, she rushed out of the right corner stage to announce that she had “a bag full of latex.” “And I’m talking about condoms,” she stated as-a-matter-of-factly.

Matt unexpectedly rehashed the chorus of Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits” on the keyboard to set the mood for Kim’s gift unveiling. She then threw out dozens of colored airless balloons into the audience, as confetti shot over the stage and into the crowd.

With filled balloons quickly popping up overhead, Matt & Kim continued to set the scene for the best party they could imagine. Matt confidently demanded, “I want everybody in here to bring more ruckus on this Friday night than they ever have in their motherfucking life.” And Kim definitely obeyed.

She literally stepped atop the crowd and displayed an array of impressive dance moves, considering the unsteady sea of hands that served as her floor. Throughout the show she broke two cymbals, and kept hydrated with a dark bottle of beer.

As she turned her back to the audience and began slapping her ass, it was easy to view Kim as a crazy youngster and Matt as a slightly more responsible parental figure helping the show adhere to schedule.

Finding parking near the Fox took way longer than expected; so unfortunately I missed most of the opening performance by Oberhofer, another Brooklyn-based band. Although I only caught some of their last song, it was clear that they bring much more energy to stage than one might anticipate based on their recorded tracks. Lead singer Brad Oberhofer can whistle and play his electric guitar quite skillfully while prancing and dancing around the stage.

All in all, both Indie-electro bands created a performance well worth attending.

-Written by Jessica Schiffman