Video for RZA and The Black Keys “The Baddest Man Alive”


The first time RZA and The Black Keys collaborated a certain magic unfolded. RZA walked into the studio and asked if he could add a few awkward guitar licks that the duo would then build the track around. (Ballsy.) That song was featured  on Blackroc, a collaboration of The Black Keys’ production and verses from some the most notables names in hip hop including Jim Jones, Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def), and more.

Two years later, the tables have turned as RZA takes reigns on the production for The Man With The Iron Fist soundtrack, inviting The Black Keys as guests, yet the magic remains. A flute-like-synth whistles in the background calling for battle, before Dan Auerbach boasts “I’ll take a pitchfork from the devil.” The sinister witticism continues with RZA’s word play of a Disney classic as he raps,   “I date rape Beauty right in front of the Beast, the baddest man alive…”

We recently wrote about another track, “Rivers of Blood,” from the same album–which you should definitely check out as well. If either these tracks are any indicator, this could be the baddest album of the year. Take a listen to the full album below.