Album Review of Simian Mobile Disco – “A Form Of Change” (Wichita Recordings)


London electronic producers James Ford and Jas Shaw individually make excellent workout music because each of their sounds is so energizing. Together they are Simian Mobile Disco, a creative British duo that create ethereal music typified by their consistent rhythms with a progressive dance style. Tracks are often characterized with minimal instrumentation and contain a single, repeated hook.

A Form of Change is an ambient, four-track electro collection from the same recording session as their previous LP, Unpatterns. The title track introduces this EP, gracefully leading with minimalist effects and a lightly pulsing futuristic beat. Their classic attention to detail exhibited throughout is subtle but thoroughly effective because the production techniques always keep listeners entertained.

“Unfixed” greets listeners with an immediate club sound pair with a metronome ticking rhythm. The friendly tempo of “Breaking Time” brings the deep bass, while the trance-influenced “Everyday” concludes the EP with a whimsical melody, complex synths, and straight forward vocals that are appropriately meshed in a lighthearted manner.

This uplifting EP dropped on October 2 via Wichita Recordings. The two-man UK electronic act begins a North American tour in December.

Upcoming tour dates:

12/1/12 San Francisco, CA – Mezzanine
12/16–19 Bahamas – S.S. Coachella
12/19–23 Jamaica – S.S. Coachella