Teen Daze – “Divided Loyalties” Acoustic


Known primarily for his heavy synth dream pop, British Columbia’s Teen Daze recently (and welcomingly) stripped down one of his lo-fi works. This delicate acoustic studio session favorably highlights his admirable vocal capabilities, almost reminiscent of Radiohead. The minimalist video recording took place at Vancouver’s Red Cat Records and the resulting chill wave sounds remains balanced enough to still be thoroughly enjoyed.

Have a listen to the original, which has a more upbeat tempo and makes for excellent productivity music thanks to the blissful electronic vibes.

His spatial debut LP, All Of Us, Together, was released back in May of this year, while his second full length album, The Inner Mansions, is scheduled for November 6th via Lefse Records. In advance, he has surprisingly already released nearly half of the album for the public, which can be heard here.