Album Review: Kitsuné Maison – Compilation 14


As part of their “10 Year Anniversary Celebrations,” those fun-loving folks over at French fashion mogul/electronic music record label, Kitsuné Maison, are due to release a vibrant and disco-heavy compilation album on October 14th, aptly titled, Compilation 14. The label’s Parisian co-creator Gildas Loaec sums up their motivation for the new work admirably: “We treat ourselves by releasing the music that we like, hoping it’ll touch others too. Our fan base keeps on growing, we believe it is working out pretty well.”

The name Kitsuné derives from the Japanese word for fox (formally written like this: きつね, 狐), who is said to have the power to change both its appearance and face. The symbolism matches the description of this compilation quite well since it is a collection of top songs from various artists on the record label, essentially the Now That’s What I Call Music!, but for indie hipsters. I kid. In all seriousness, this disc has some of the most talented, up-and-coming musicians within the electronic music scene. The best thing about all of their styles: they are consistently happy and upbeat, making it the perfect formula for a spontaneous dance party or a long road trip, no matter what the audience.

Although I can happily recommend listening to the entire album, there are two songs in particular that should be called out. The first is Gigamesh’s remix of Citizens! – “True Romance,” which emphasizes the eloquent piano for an effervescent rendition meant for a lounge environment. The original lyrics are pretty intense: “What kind of minds are these that the gods and the television gave us / Hold me love until we disappear again / Here we are / True romance.”

The second is Le Crayon’s funkier version of Peter & The Magician’s “Memory.” This track definitely has a friendly disco feel, as well as a jaunty bass line. The heavy synths and dreamy pop vibes make it a polished dance tune, with an added (brief) guitar solo at the end providing the perfect conclusion.

One odd thing about Compilation 14 is that there does not appear to be a Compilation 13, but Compilation 12 exists, as well as an assortment of other remix albums. You can have a listen to the official mini mix below, which previews all of the songs on the album. Below that is also a complete track list with a few recommendations.

01 Saint Lou Lou – Maybe You
02 Citizens! – True Romance (Gigamesh remix) << Easily my favorite
03 Friends – I’m His Girl (Jake Bullit remix)
04 Rebecca Molina – Fall Right
05 Plastic Plates – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved (feat. Simon Lord) << See HERE for more info
06 Lorenz Rhode – Any Kind Of Pressure (feat. Jamie Lidell) (radio edit)
07 Moonlight Matters – Come For Me (feat. Gustaph) (Punks Jump Up freestyle mix)
08 Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night remix) << While it is very difficult to ruin TDCC, the ability to enhance it is quite the accomplishment
09 Peter & The Magician – Memory (Le Crayon remix) << Highly recommended simply for the friendly vibes. Their live performances are surreal
10 RÜFÜS – This Summer (JBAG remix)
11 Thomas Azier – Red Eyes (Mike Luck remix)
12 Saint Michel – Friends
13 Monde Ideal – Future Waits << This one is a bit too mellow, utilizing deep synth-pop bursts and sounds like the only odd duck on the list
14 Wildcat ! Wildcat ! – Please And Thank You
16 Is Tropical – Venezuela (feat. Get People)
17 Plaitum – Geisha