Song of the Day: LOL Boys – Changes (Shlohmo Remix)


When Los Angeles/Montreal based DJ duo LOL Boys announced their indefinite hiatus earlier this year, the unfortunate decision seemed to play as a miscarriage to a potentially ground breaking conception. Now focusing on separate solo projects and the recently founded label, Body High, FoF Music labelmate and LA producer Shlohmo has taken upon himself to bring life back to a track from their latest EP, Changes.

With the remix of the title track “Changes,” Shlohmo constructs a broken down and hypnotic feel to the beat, drawing a line between ethereal vibrations and rhythmic sensations to the once hectic track. With the increasingly rising vocal sample proclaiming, “Things won’t change until we do,” Shlohmo produces a sense of sincerity, inviting the listener into a heartfelt understanding as the voice creeps into clarity.

In comparison to the original, it seems as strange as it is wondrous how such an emotional and heavy hitting composition could come from such a playful and exuberant piece. With menacing synths roaring throughout the production, accompanied by hi-hats reminiscent of a broken metronome and chords bordering melancholy and a dream state, every aspect to the song’s layers become oddly touching. A rare twist not often heard with such complimenting execution.

Download the track here.