Naytronix (of tUnE-yArDs) – “Baby Don’t Walk Away”


tUnE-yArDs frontwoman, Merril Garbus, may be the recognizable name–for now–but with his upcoming album, under the moniker, Naytronix, Nate Brenner will try and impress his own footstep on the burgeoning Oakland music scene. Having recently released an EP, Nate is scheduled to release Dirty Glow early next month (10/9/12). If “Baby Don’t Walk” is any indicator, Naytronix takes tUnE-yArDs’ polyrhythmic layering and vocal experimentalism (without Garbus’ bold projectin) and mixes it with downbeat EDM that recalls the work of Free The Robots, Daedelus and fellow Plug Research mate, Elephant & Castle.

“Baby Don’t Walk Away” starts with a heavy breathing synth line and a looped talk box recording exclaiming “Baby Don’t Walk Away,” before breaking with crisp drums and bright horns accenting the (what appears to be) unaltered vocal sample. Half way through the track, Garbus’ drum-like signature “dum dum dum” vocals can be heard, as the track transitions into a Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club-esque psychedelic tangent.

Additionally, Yalls’ remix of the track which focuses on the horn sampleĀ  is certainly worth a play (hell, it might even be better!). The pace is picked up to a post-club recovery rhythm.