Listen to King Krule “Rock Bottom” [SOTD]


At seventeen years old, King Krule (the moniker of Archy Marshall, formerly Zoo Kid) has taken the Indie music world by a quiet storm. His surprising appearance is reminiscent of the first time we found out how Rick Astley looked like. It comes as a shock of how such a full and hoarse voice could come from such a frail child. As Krule proves with the release of his newest single “Rock Bottom”, the surprises don’t end there.

The track begins with a dispersed Blues guitar, slow plucks wandering themselves into a quick and catchy riff in no time. The powerful bass line, assisted with Krule’s soulful howls, only pace the track towards it’s peak, building itself gracefully until the crash-filled climactic explosion.

With a testimony declaring “My mind starts to derange / Distortions arrange, sight looses it’s range; does everyone’s perspective begins to change,” the young Londoner voices the thoughts of a man years ahead his senior. His lyrics portray the emotional severity of betrayal (“When your hearts gonna mourn, you lie dead on the floor, the wounds in your pockets still sore”), while still holding onto his sense of sophistication. Marshall sways in and out throughout the track, almost carelessly spewing his lyrics of deception and hopelessness. With a voice that borrows the charm and graceful drawl of fellow British singers such as Joe Strummer and Morrissey, Krule blends these qualities with an almost drunken wayward delivery. Surprisingly, it works.

Still building on his own buzz, Krule has made it evident that he has the talent and potential to surpass the pigeon held concepts of trendy bands and one hit wonders that rule today’s music. While nearing the end of the song, he shouts a line reminiscent of “Empty Cans” by The Streets (“Cause it’s the end of something I did not want to end / Beginning of hard times to come”), something tells me that hard times are the last thing Krule will be seeing in the foreseeable future.