Matthew Dear “Beams” [Album Review]


On “Do The Right Thing,” Matthew Dear instructs you how to listen to Beams as he repeats “Close your eyes to look at me, I’m the world inside your sleep, it’s the right time to be.” Listening to Beams it’s easy to slip between reality and nostalgia. Sonically, the murky production laden with percolating synths, intricate sampling and hollowed bass kicks forms a haze that upon a closer inspection is like a kaleidoscope of Labyrinth, Prince,  Talking Heads and Brian Eno. The fifth album under Dear’s own name, showcases his range of styles and attention to layering (as on “Fighting Is Futile”), while continuing to draw more focus on his vocals. Beginning with dance floor thumper “Her Fantasy,”  the album shifts from rock heavy “Earthforms” to glitchy “Ahead Of Myself.” On “Fighting Is Futile” Dear sums up the album well as he repeats “take a trip on something else” and concludes that “if all I had was this,  I’d feel so satisfied” because isn’t life a little better within the world we create.

Matthew Dear – “Fighting Is Futile”