JJ Doom Keys To Kuff on BBC Radio 4 [Featured Artist]


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Last Monday, JJ Doom released its first album Keys To The Kuffs. Like previous collaborations Madvillian (Madlib + MF Doom) and Danger Doom (Danger Mouse and MF Doom), JJ Doom is the combined title of Jneiro Jarel (JJ) and MF Doom. This is the first album since 2009 which features the masked rapper taking the mic.

Fans of the villain got a taste of what a live performance might be like (which they may never actually hear since Doom continues to victimize fans and venues) when he performed “Winter Blues” on BBC Radio 4 with a live band that included Oliver Coates on cello, Sam Beste (from Amy Winehouse‘s band) on piano, Alexis Nunez on drums and Mara Carlyle doing an interpretative number on saw. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, this is the only image from the performance.

If you didn’t follow the link above, MF Doom who is currently touring Europe, did another bait and switch beguiling fans with a perceived impostor. You can read the venue’s response here (via Pigeon and Planes).

Download – JJ Doom – “Winter Blues”

[audio: http://www.box.com/shared/static/b37373ca376f2f04c0d3.mp3]

For an extra taste, check out JJ Doom’s official video for “Guv’nor.”