Animal Kingdom and Atlas Genius at Popscene [Photo Review]


Thursday night at the Rickshaw stop was a welcoming party for not one, but two, bands. The crowd in front of the venue was eager to get in. It was a sold out show and when the bouncers told several hopefuls that they were not going to get in, there was en eruption of whining and begging that didn’t get them anywhere. Maybe next time they will learn to buy tickets in advance. Once in, it was a small and intimate show.

Atlas Genius, from South Australia, has garnered a lot of attention lately after the band released its first single “Trojans” over a year ago. After its release, I remember I would check their site to see if anything new had come out. After a while of searching–finding nothing–I gave up. I thought they would never come to us with anything else. But it looks like I was proven wrong. I found out that they had been hard at work creating an EP when they announced they were touring with Animal Kingdom and coming to the states. For first timers in San Francisco they fit right in. The crowd jumped and sang along at every opportunity with lead singer and guitarist Keith Jeffrey. It was indi-pop at its best.

Britain’s Animal Kingdom took the stage to close out the night. It was their first time in San Francisco as well, so we gave the trio a huge welcome when they took the stage. Animal Kingdom know how to make a crowd move, but on Thursday it wasn’t happening. I could feel what the crowd was feeling. Unprepared. Maybe they didn’t expect a sold out show. Maybe they were hoping the venue was bigger. Maybe the lighting was off. That said, when Animal Kingdom played their newest single, “Strange Attractor” that’s when the party really got started.

I speak for myself and everyone in the crowd when I say they are both welcome back to San Francisco anytime–and I bet you, will be prepared.