Twin Shadow and Poolside at Great American Music Hall

Photograph by Ryan Holmes

Photograph by Ryan Holmes

Sometimes you go to a show and the performer is really feeling it. Sometimes you go to a show and the crowd is really feeling it.  Sometimes, like Friday night at Great American Music Hall the band and the crowd are feeling it, and the energy is a two way street channeling excitement like a raging raging block party.

Poolside kicked off the event with their disco grooves that had me torn between dancing with the rest of the concert goers and doing my job as a photographer.  I settled with a foot tap and hip shake as my eye peered through the camera viewfinder and index finger clicked away at the shutter release.  I had never heard their music prior but Poolside made me a fan with their fun and vibrant set.

But then the party got serious. Twin Shadow came out to a sold out crowd and there was this vibe that everybody in the house sincerely wanted to be there.  Fierce is one way to describe it.  I tried to meander through the front of the crowd and was elbowed by the dedicated fans and got the stink eye from a group of girls who had “waited in line all day.”

George Lewis Jr., aka Twin Shadow, not only said that the Great American Music Hall was his favorite venue, he played like it was his favorite venue. Lewis and the band were on point and completely suave.  The synthesizers bumped and guitar screamed as smoke filled the air and I suddenly felt like I was on the set of a Prince music video.  Maybe it was Lewis’ passionate guitar playing or maybe it was his nipples showing through his fully sheer top but I was extremely turned on.  By the time they played hits like “Run My Heart”, the crowd was all worked up and couldn’t help but sing along with emotion.  Twin Shadow closed the show with “Beg for the Night” and had everyone wishing the night wouldn’t end.