The Hood Internet at The Independent [Photo Review]


The Hood Internet’s show at The Independent earlier this week was a highly anticipated one for me. Aaron Brink, the man behind The Hood Internet put on a great show when I saw him at Slim’s with Star Slinger in May. The show didn’t disappoint. First off, Aaron showed just how deep The Hood Internet has it’s roots in hip hop. He’s known to use the genre in his mashups with indie rock or electronic music, but he took it a step further on this tour.

Traveling with him is Tanya Morgan, a duo on the Interdependent Medial label, and Psalm One, a fierce female MC, with Rhymesayers Ent. Both of these hip hop acts have a single on The Hood Internet’s newest album coming out later this year.

It was also amazing to see how he handled the headlining responsibility. He had us dancing for a solid two hours or more. The best part was how skillyfully he managed to weave all his known hits such as “On My Wildfire” (SBTRKT vs. Wiz Khalifa) and “Nightchain” (Wale vs. Kavinshy) in and out of his other music. He knew just when the crowd needed that little bit of a pick me up.

With all the groups having their moment on stage, it was an awesome surprise when they joined The Hood Internet to perform the fresh new collaborations. As Psalm One was leaving the stage for the last time, she invited us all to dance. And that’s what we did, well into the night.