Fiona Apple at Fox Theater [Photo Review]


Although there was a big part of me of me that wanted to be upset that the Fiona Apple show did not allow anyone to shoot within the dedicated photo barricade, I couldn’t help but find myself feeling there was no other way to see her perform. Constantly fighting through the crowd of the Fox Theater and trying to get at least a few manageable shots was no easy task, but halfway through the performance I stopped and found myself standing in awe and taking it all in.  She stole the stage that night, and proved it has been well worth the wait of her record label woes, and that her new album would, for me, be another timeless masterpiece. She still has more than what it takes.

Her undeniable stage presence and demeanor were just as present as they were when I was in high school: she was loud, brash, and full of energ; which, was matched by her witty charm, her reaching vocal range and beautifully dark songwriting. The crowd erupted with the performances of staple songs such as “Criminal,” and “Shadowboxer,” both off of her debut album, Tidal. But the most fulfilling part of the set for me was how great her new album played out on stage. Songs like “Every Single Night” and “Anything We Want were two particular highlights that I will not soon forget.

Her piano work is still top-notch. The band that accompanied her on stage played perfectly off of her staunch chord selection, and swinging songwriting that she has become so identifiable with. She is still the Fiona Apple that I had come to adore in the early stages of my adulthood, and have continued on into the last several years of my life. It’s not often we find singer/songwriters who are able to communicate in such a genuine and effective way. The name Frank Ocean comes to mind – and we’ve been waiting a long time for someone of his caliber to find their way back into the music scene. Fiona is still there.

Fiona will be out on tour for the next few months, promoting her new record, The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do, (or ‘The Idler..’), which was released on June 19th of this year. Make sure if you have the opportunity to catch this timeless star of our generation, you do. It could be a while – if ever – that you get a a chance to see her again.

-Written and Photographed by Darryl Kirchner


Fiona Apple Anything We Want”