Weavir The New Social Network


Move over every other social network there is another social network in town. Weavir. Weavir connects musicians, curators, and fans in one social web helping bands promote their work, bloggers connect with bands and fans stay connected to everyone all in one place. Check out Weavir’s video below to get a more detailed explanation.

We’re probably the last group to be interested in another “social network,” but we couldn’t shy away from Weavir for two reasons. One, the music community is smaller than one would expect, but tying together the web could really help SF Critic’s community share, discover, and promote great music. Two, we have nothing to lose and we’re in good company. We’re honored to be asked to be a tastemaker amongst great blogs like We All Want Some One, Pot Holes In My Blog, Chubby Beaver, The Burning Ear and The Needle Drop (for the full list).

So help donate to a worthy dream and support Weavir.

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