JBM “On Fire On A Tightrope” Video


jbm on fire on a tightrope

If Bon Iver and Patrick Watson had a baby its name would be JBM. Yes, that is, and will be my pretentious music comment for the week. The singer and songwriter has captivated us ever since we heard his album Not Even In July. We’ve played “Friends For Fireworks” over, and over,  getting lost countless times in its contemplative somber tones.

Late last year we saw him open for Other Lives, performing-solo, his music filled the room. His highly expressive demeanor inundates his music, creating a personal aesthetic that seemingly gives spectators a glance somewhere deeper inside his conscious. He’s enchanting. Yesterday, he released an official video for “On Fire On A Tightrope,” and while it’s visually gorgeous, we prefer his ISOKON performance because you get to watch him. Take a look below and let us know what you think.

JBM – “On Fire On A Tightrope” (Official Video)

JBM – “On Fire On A Tightrope” (IKONOS Performance)


Here’s an added bonus from the same album, Stray Ashes, called “Crooked Branches.”