Coedine at The Great American Music Hall [Live Review]


Codeine returned to Great American Music Hall for the first time in almost twenty years. As vocalist / bassist Stephen Immerwahr pointed out on stage, this would probably be their last visit to the venue “in the 21st century.” Needless to say, the show had a bittersweet tone that had the entire audience paying their respect with their eyes and ears.

Having only heard of the band and never their music, I had no clue what to expect. I was struck by their sincere and personal delivery that made me feel as though I had been a fan since the 90s, returning one last time for their reunion. The crowd wasn’t huge in quantity but more in quality, as the dedicated fans listened and watched attentively. Immerwahr sung in a calm and almost conversational way that could make anybody feel like they were talking one on one.

The treat of the show was the encore for which drummer Chris Brokaw performed on bass. Throughout the show the band showcased their skills but never flaunted. They connected with the audience on an intimate, down to earth level that as I left, I felt like I really got to know Codeine.

-Written and photographed by Leticia Molina