Marina and the Diamonds at The Fillmore [Photo Review]


Walking into the Fillmore can be an experience. Some nights you walk into a musty room full of dancing fan(atics) mid rapture as their band rages musically onstage. Other nights you walk into a mellow cloud of smoke, as the music drifts softly through the crowd. But Wednesday night, the Fillmore was dense with sparkles.

Glitter filled the air, as the audience embraced the delightful show put on by Marina and the Diamonds. Often times it felt like a sing-along, as if Marina could just sit on the edge of the stage and smile while the crowd carried the song onward with a joyous thrust of breath. A few costume changes, props galore and a wonderful staging (kudos to The Fillmore for another fantastic light show) all came together to push this glittering crowd into a space somewhere between the raging rapture and the melodic softness I’ve seen before. There wasn’t much jostling or wild dancing, but good luck trying to move more than a few feet into the crowd. Dense, focused and utterly joyous; this was a fine night to be a part of the crowd at the Fillmore.

Marina’s set ranged from classics like “I Am Not a Robot” to some wicked hits off her new album, a la
Primadonna Girl.” The latter is a reluctant favorite of mine. Played ad nauseam by a friend, it took me a bit of time to get into the song. In fact, it took a well-timed entrance at a party — with a blond curled wig and pair of painfully gorgeous high heels timed to “Primadonna Girl” — to redefine it as a fantastic tune.

Go grab your blond wig, throw on a pair of your most painful pumps, kick the volume up on your speakers then finish it off with a healthy handful of glitter and you’re ready to give a listen to Marina and the Diamonds!