Melvoy Sex Rock Swag Pop Dance Non Stop!


Photograph by ND Koster

San Francisco’s own, self described “Pride of Haight Street,” MELVOY have embarked on a two week Korean tour [Korea Sexy Non Stop! Club Tour]. Hand picked by Crying Nut, Korea’s #1 selling band of all time, for the supporting slot. Melvoy bring the love, fun and party spirit around with their electric live rock n roll performance and icing of upbeat pop with a fat cherry of sex appeal. (Bring on sex appeal! -says Jim Morrison from the grave)

Why this is cool? Unsigned and self-managed, Melvoy released their debut album Midnight Makeup in 2011 produced by Grammy Award winning musician Ikey Owens of the Mars Volta. Touring March 2012, they played SXSW showcases in Austin whereas they also, several times a day, set up street performances. They came to see that the street performances yielded more exposure then the showcases. They’re impact ranged from being shut down by police within 30 seconds to starting full on dance parties and sing a longs. Large crowds gathered round for the abounding raw rock n roll, pop punk, real-deal feel. Korea’s Crying Nut happened by and bought their merch. Days later when Melvoy were packing up the van in a gated community to drive home, again Crying Nut came walking by, en route to perform at a mansion party. Recognizing Melvoy from the street performance asked if they’d like to play the party with them. Melvoy accepted and after their mansion performance were invited to Korea for the opening slots. This is a kismet launch for Melvoy’s blossoming career.

We like this because Melvoy are our own and we like to see the natural magic element still breathing in the music industry. We think these guys (Emmanuel “Chipper” Castro (vocals), Kevin Eagle Oliver (Guitars), Wayne Helgeson (bess)) and girl (drummer Natalie Rose) can get places. As a group, they have it going on with performance, message and aesthetics.

Moral of the story? They’re are a couple.
SXSW may still work.
You can’t win the lotto if you don’t buy a ticket.
Do what you want to do (be true), and destiny will find you. Still.
Be ready. Be Free. Preach love (cause sure why not).
Melvoy is an anagram for My Love.