I Love This City Festival: Day 2 Review


Saturday’s lineup of I Love This City definitely tried it’s hardest, but couldn’t quite overcome Friday’s sets. Probably more due to the circumstances surrounding their music, i.e. a bitter cold wind and my ambitious lack of a jacket, but also a byproduct of the crowd. A fuller, more weekend crowd made the enjoyment less about digging the music and more about being seen at the festival digging the music. I thought I’d left that scene behind in LA…

Looking at the acts, my favorites started with Madeon, the 16 year old frenchie wunderkind who probably needed a booster step to see over the tables. He laid down a pretty decent set, but it was a young set, nothing too memorable. Lots of promise, not as much punch (for me).

Double-Dutch action happened when Tiesto followed Laidback Luke on the main Amphitheater stage. Luke put on a great set of music, rocking the entire amphitheatre and getting the crowd dancing. He’s also a great performer, breaking out of the typical DJ-moves and playing around without getting garish. I hate it when DJs get over the top with their hand movements.

Tiesto. Oh Tiesto. I’m not a huge fan of his, he’s a lot more hype than sound, and this performance was spot on hype. His whole demeanor onstage reeked of entitled and superstar, something I immediately dislike in anyone, and his set was nothing particularly special. So we moved on to the two smaller stages that hosted two fantastic sets.

Felix Cartal is one of my favorite maestros out there right now. He had the smallest stage, hidden behind the food trucks, with a terribly tiny crowd and yet was putting down one damn great set. I could have spent the entire night at his stage. Next door to Felix was Feed Me aka Spor aka Jon Gooch. What a great trio of names…He was trancing out the crowd, really making use of the outdoor setting and the outdoor kind of people. The people hanging under the lit up forest of trees (2-3 bright Avatar-esq structures) were well placed.

Bouncing back to the mainstage, I Love This City juxtaposed Tiesto with David Guetta. Maybe a year or so apart, Guetta did not seem the older of the two. He was like a fresh glass of water, the man did not stop smiling for more than two minutes! His entire demeanor radiated joy and fun. Bouncing up on the stage he would grin and clap, willing the audience into this manic joyous frenzy. Then the confetti flew. Blowing it off his tables, Guetta pulled hit after hit out and threw them at the utterly packed amphitheater crowd.

What a perfect way to end this two day music fest.

-Written and photographed by Julie Logan