I Love This City Review: Day 1


I Love This City was my first electro dance festival of this scale and it was quite the colorful adventure. There were three stages staggered around Shoreline Amphitheater, each one cracking out jams, with crowds almost as entertaining as the DJs. Walking around, it felt like I was apart of a circus or masquerade wonderland full of neon spandex and euphoric faces.

First, I hit up Steve Aoki. The man knows how to keep the kids moving. His beats were entrancing, so as I crept closer to the stage I picked the wrong (or right) place to stand and got full-on confetti blasted, which kinda rocked. Then he launched some sheet cakes into the crowd and people began licking each other.

Next came Duck Sauce and out came the beaks. They totally killed it, their mixdowns are so damn vibrant. The crowd was exceptional. I’ve never seen so many different/hilarious forms of dance.

Later I cruised over to Crystal Method, who are always a treat to the eardrum. But it was Sebastian Ingrosso who probably the highlight of my night. He was banging out one masterfully produced track after the next, and standing up there he looked like some sort of techno-maestro. Music was literally exploding off the stage. What a beautiful night.

-Written by Sara Steinberg and photographed by Lauren Perlow


SEBastian: “Cardigan”


Tiesto & Steve Aoki: “Tornado”