Killer Mike – Untitled ft. Scar


Hip hop has been lagging, until now. Killer Mike’s new album R.A.P Music Final Master┬áis gritty, intelligent and witty. Killer Mike has always had a great flow, but on tracks like “Untitled” he shows his skills as a lyricist:

Will my woman be Coretta, take my name and cherish it?
Or will she Jackie O, drop the Kennedy, remarry it?
My sister say it’s necessary on some Cleopatra shit
My grandmama said nope, never, that it’s sacrilege
Tend to agree because the thought is so disparaging
The Lord give a load, you got to carry it like Mary did
That’s why I’m giving honor to all these baby mommas
It takes a woman’s womb to make a Christ or Dalai Lama

Passion of the Weiss said it best:

Given their shared fondness for bombast and apocalyptic oration, I imagine a choir of avenging archangels were sent as heralds to mark the occasion when Killer Mike and El-P met. Certain artists just simply belong working with each other and its no coincidence when fate forms a group even stronger than the pieces of the whole.

This album is….


Killer Mike – “Untitled” (Feat. Scar)