Plants and Animals at Bottom of the Hill! Tonight!


Plants and Animals are headlining a show at Bottom of the Hill tonight and it’s not sold out. Nevermind the fact that Bottom of the Hill is a relatively small venue and a band this talented should have sold it out months ago; today is May 18th and Plants and Animals are headlining a show tonight. Nevermind that they have twice the talent and 4 times the songwriting ability as the majority of “hot” indie bands right now (purely objective statement), that they aren’t packing places like the Fillmore and Great American on their own; I only have to pay $12 for a ticket to see Plants and Animals headline tonight. If you can’t tell: I’m incredibly happy I get to see Plants and Animals headline tonight. I repeat that only because I don’t get to say it that often.

I’m repeating it too because it’s hard to believe. They have the chops. They’ve put in the time. If those weren’t reason enough, the Canadian trio has produced three incredibly complex yet startlingly accessible rock-blues albums. From the front of the first LP, Parc Avenue, to the back of their most recent release, this year’s The End of That, the band has produced a great (and even) collection of  truly original rock (“Lightshow”, “Bye Bye Bye”, “2010”, “Fake It”) and blues-based tracks (“Game Shows”, “Undone Melody”, “Before”). As with bands who produce unpredictable song structures each song on each album becomes exponentially better with each listen; every time I listen to 2008’s Parc Avenue I like it more than I thought I could.

So, come if you can tonight. It’s a late show at the Bottom of the Hill on a Friday, not many better places in the city to be. If not, at least give their albums a shot. Maybe you won’t think they are as untouchable as I do, but maybe you’ll find a couple songs to put in the cycle. If you do, I know I’ll end up seeing the next time they swing through the city. Enjoy!


[audio:|titles=Plants And Animals – Game Shows]

Download: Plants and Animals – Game Shows