Santigold Master of My Make-Believe [Album Review]


santigold album review master of my make-believe

Santigold’s latest album title, Master of My Make-Believe, is awfully fitting. On Master of My Make-Believe you’re either following Santigold from opening track “Go” or you’re lost in the dust. There is a lot happening on this concise (under 40mins) eleven-track album. Santigold manages to swag out on “Look At These Hoes,” talk politics on “Disparate Youth,“ tell off a “Big Mouth,” and introspectively finds herself on “Fame” and “This Isn’t Our Parade.” Like her self-titled debut, sonically the album blends so many styles into an indescribable hodge-podge that critics describe it as new wave with African rhythms, post-punk with hip hop, reggae with electro, or whatever the fuck. (Surely, the added production from Diplo, Q-Tip, and Switch doesn’t hurt.)

Santigold sings, raps, and mixes so many genres–but most importantly–she does it all flawlessly. Santigold’s Master of My Make-Believe is an amalgam. As difficult as it is to make a full record worth listening to, it’s even harder to create one with such diversity, clarity, and harmony—something that Santigold has proven (twice) she can do.