Fiona Apple’s “Every Single Night” [SOTD]


Fiona Apple has never had a good relationship with the music industry. First, there was her acceptance speech back in 1997 at the MTV Music awards for her debut single “Sleep to Dream” where she proclaimed “This world is bullshit!” After a long hiatus she quietly released When the Pawn the title of which is actually a 97 word poem and arguably the fan favorite. But most recently was her battle with Sony music over the release of Extraordinary Machine in 2005. Apple, the ever-perfectionist crafted the album slowly and upon its completion with producer and counterpart, Jon Brion, got into a disastrous spat with Sony over the style. Sony wanted a softer, more marketable Fiona, a makeover and complete reworking of the tracks. The album was shelved indefinitely and only released after a major fan campaign for Sony to release it.

Seven years later, fans finally get a taste of new the new Fiona. The single “Every Single Night,” is heavily lyric driven, emphasizing her as a poet who happens to sing similar her previous work. While the lyrics are direct in the emotion they convey, her voice transcends feeling, which is why so many people identify with her music. The album. The Idler Wheel is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do will be released in its entirety on June 19. If you waited seven years, a month and a half isn’t that much!