Kasabian and Hacienda at The Fillmore [Photo Review]

Little known band and psychedelic rockers Hacienda opened for Kasabian at The Fillmore this past Monday night marking the end of their slot of their six weeks of touring.  The Texans entranced the crowd with their 60’s psychedelic throw backs that prompted me to text my friends “You are missing something here.” The guitar winged and wanged and dirty rocked it.  The band looked and felt the part especially performing at the historically psychedelic Fillmore.  Personally, they put a smile on my face.
Kasabian came on in their big English way (note: guitarists moppy hair do’s and singers larger-than-life persona).  Towards the end of the show they hit full stride with performing electronic and had the sold out crowd’s hands in the air thereafter.  Perhaps getting off on The Fillmore 60’s history they slid into The Doors’ “People are Strange.”  A deserved encore was achieved by the crowd chanting Electronics Ooooh’s, which was very sweet.
-Written and photographed by Victoria Smith