Justice and The Rapture at The Fox Theater [Photo Review]


Standing in a dark theater with a large illuminated crucifix would be slightly terrifying if it wasn’t a Justice performance. The French production duo headlined the Fox Theater last night, playing to a lively young and yuppie crowd. The overcast Tuesday evening didn’t stop young girls from wearing mini skirts, and boys with tank tops. But with the performance underway, the outfits weren’t so out of place amongst the hot sweating bodies jumping up and down, arms waving towards the stage.

The Rapture laid the kindle for the fire. Luke Jenner’s Rod Stewart like vocals were electrifying over the progressive glam rock guitars. When “Piece of The People We Love” came on I couldn’t help but sway back and forth, my head bobbing like a backup dancer from a cheesy 80s music video (like this guy)

After a prolonged intermission, the lights dropped and the crowd screamed in anticipation. You could see the shadows of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay walk to the center stage stand. The first song was a surprise, the “Star Spangled Banner.” The lights flashed on, both men with their hands over their heart and one arm raised saluting the crowd. And then it began, one large crowd, united by the band’s saw grinding synths and booming glam rock swagger projected from a wall of speakers that would make Phil Spector blush. Tracks like “Civilization” marched into a crescendo, before gently pausing, and  slamming again louder than before. Before playing their most famous single, “D.A.N.C.E..” Gaspard Augé walked down from the raised platform as it split revealing a piano in the middle. His back to the stage, Augé played the key progressions as Rosnay managed the synths. It was a perfect shift and showmanship to the sometimes monotony of watching two DJs turn knobs. With the lights flashing, the bass pounding, and the scantily clad kids dancing, the showmanship didn’t just come from Justice–it was a united effort.

-Photographs by Darryl Kirchner

Justice: “Waters Of Nazareth”