Band of Skulls and We Are Augustines [Photo Review]


We Are Augustines opened for Band of Skulls at the Fillmore Thursday night. It was a home coming for singer Billy McCarthy who grew up in the Bay Area and the crowd was fast growing. Billy was obviously jubilant of having come full circle. He proudly dedicated a song and thanked a teacher in the crowd he said supported his creativity. Later, he even blushed and pointed out a girl in the front row who he said was his first kiss. As I say it, he was feeling his oats! They were all in full tilt boogie. We Are Augustines sound like Bruce Springsteen singing for the Cars in 1994, if the Cars went grunge. Can you imagine that? By the end of their performance the room had filled to just under sold out.

Band of Skulls took the stage. The singer/bassist Emma Richardson looked like a tall shadow, lanky, dressed in black with black hair. Their sound was reminisce of the Dead Weather with straight ahead rock, no frills, yet a lighter, perhaps more west coast vibe, with no shrapnel of their English homeland apparent.


-Written and photographed by Victoria Smith


We Are Augustines: “Book Of James”