Miike Snow and Penguin Prison at Fox Theater [Photo Review]


I crossed the bridge tonight expecting to hear two songs by Miike Snow I’d heard before. MAYBE. Driving back, still thunderstruck from a brilliant group performance, I was humming what felt like an entire album. I love when that happens. During a treacherous thunderstorm in the Bay Area, Miike Snow dazzled the Fox Theater with their electronic pop sound, and impressed every paying musician in attendance. Kicking off the night was Penguin Prison, pleasing a small wet crowd with songs like “Animal Animal,” and “Mutli-Millionaire.” The East Coast foursome successfully lubed an anxious, growing audience.

Finally, a masked Miike Snow took the stage in a smoky mess to the now full and enthusiastic floor, and a once dormant backdrop suddenly awoke to “Enter the Jokers Lair.” The first few songs were a captivating show of musicianship. Singer Andrew Wyatt soloed on a small, harpsichord like instrument for at least four minutes amidst a red and orange fog. Then came the hits, starting with “Silvia.” If you’ve never had the pleasure, put on this track and dare your body to not get the chills. “Black and Blue” was equally powerful, yet surprisingly brief. Don’t get me wrong, it was dramatic; a surplus of rhythm, but the crowd begged for another chorus.

Without much delay “Paddling Out” began and the party was at it’s peak. Bass thumping, the trio swiftly moved into a long display of percussion featuring precise layering, and crisp chord progressions. Snow then teased the crowd with a brief encore, but nobody was fooled. There was one last celebration to have. The extended version of “Animal” then arrived. They built it up, they broke it down, then they blasted it hard one more time. Awesome. Miike Snow delivered a stimulating, euphoric experience at the beautiful Fox Theater Thursday night, and the Bay will be humming their tunes for weeks.

-Written by Chris Farrell and photographs by Darryl Kirchner

Miike Snow: “Paddling Out”