The Creator’s Project in San Francisco [Photo Review]


Where to start? As the guy behind me in the ticket line put it, “this is gonna be like Disneyland for nerds!” And by the end of the night, the blitzkrieg of auditory, visual and technological stimuli known as the Creators Project turned that man’s giddy proclamation into a full-blown prophecy.

(Critic’s disclaimer: Vice sure as shit knows how to throw a party. The opinions below feign some semblance of neutrality, but will inevitably be colored by the warm and woozy satisfaction that stems from copious free booze and hitchless press pampering. Well played Vice, well played.)

The music lineup alone — highlighted by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, James Murphy’s DJ set in the post-LCD Soundsystem world, and Squarepusher’s first show on US soil in 7 years — boasted the kind of star power that would normally leave you puzzling over your bank account, planning the triple-digit mathrobatics that could facilitate a way to squeeze the concert into your schedule (“I totally won’t get sick of Ramen for three weeks!”).

Add Intel‘s mission to curate all manner of tech-anchored art installations, and their decision to present the entire package at the dazzling price of RSVFREE, and you begin to understand the dumbluck-happy smiles that dominated the Fort Mason grounds on Saturday. As packed as the 25,000-strong event was, the demand felt tenfold greater–like 90% of SF (including 5 of my 7 roommates) missed out on the ticket lottery. You could see the exclusivity of the event baked into the perpetual glow on ticketholders’ faces — all of us milling around the Fort Mason grounds in a blissful culture coma.

Here’s what we saw…