Rock N Roll Resort in Upstate New York

If you happen to upstate New York late this month, take a look at Rock N Roll Resort v2. Our founding photographer, Victoria Smith, will join and photograph the soiree for us.
The trendsetting perorming artists include: Shpongle (DJ set), Conspirator, Hallucinogen LIVE, Ott, visual artists Alex Grey & Allyson Grey, Nadis Warriors, Phutureprimitive, Brothers Past x2, Bird of Prey, Dopapod, BioDiesel, BangBang, Cosmic Dust Bunnies, Jeff Bujak, The Manhattan Project, Dirty Paris, lespecial, Psylab, Viral Sound, Mun, RedShift, Digital Storm, DJ Jamin, Dr. Masgnosis, and filmmaker Mitch Schultz with researcher Dr. Rick Strassman presenting on “The Spirit Molecule.”