Wye Oak @ The Independent for Noise Pop 2012 [Photo Review]



Wye Oak, the indie folk duo of Andy Stack and Jenn Wasner, made an exhausting trek up from LA to play the Independent last night as part of San Francisco’s Noise Pop festival. Their schedule was so tight, they barely had time to catch their own opening acts. In one of many hilarious asides she made over the course of their set, Jenn credited “cow adrenaline” as the saving grace that helping her through the evening.

Whatever it was, it worked – I wouldn’t have known of their exhaustion if Jenn didn’t throw it into her banter. Andy played drums with his feet and right hand while holding it down on keyboards with his left. Jenn held down the mic with her wicked voice, and I do mean wicked.

Wye Oak’s live set is a gem: they have really full, great live sound that varies from mellow to pulserocking, sometimes in the same song. Throw in Jenn’s effortless onstage personality and it’s got everything you’ll want from a night at an indie folk rock show.

Download Mp3Wye Oak: “Civilian”

[audio: http://www.box.com/shared/static/8p7qdt98ap7hqmgy0ztg.mp3]