The Dodos @ The Great American Music Hall for Noise Pop [Photo Review]



The Dodos played the final show of this year’s Noise Pop Festival last night at the Great American Music Hall, performing in front of a sold-out crowd. The opening acts consisted of AU, the exciting Cannons and Clouds, and Here Here.

The Dodos’ energy from the moment they walked on stage was palpable: Frontman Meric Long’s enchanting vocals, mixed with his rhythmic acoustic picking was complemented perfectly by the bass-less drumming and percussion of his partner, Logan Kroeber. Kroeber plays every set without a bass drum, taping instead, a make-shift tambourine to his left foot. This helps give the duo their full texture and sycnohpated sound. The crowd was buzzing the entire night; singing the words to favorites such as 2007′s “Fools,” and the newly released, “Black Night.” Their emotional effort was a fitting way to cap off this year’s amazing festival.

The group doesn’t have an upcoming show for the next few months, but if you haven’t yet picked up their 2011 release, No Color, you’re missing out. That’s it for our live coverage of the 2012 Noise Pop festival, we can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

Download Mp3The Dodos: “Black Night”