Built to Spill at Noise Pop 2012 [Photo Review]


Built to Spill played The Fillmore last night to a crowd that sold-out the venue months and months ago for 2012′s Noise Pop Festival. Sharing the stage with openers Sister Crayon, frontman Doug Martsch (read our interview with Doug Martsch) and his bandmates played an eclectic and fulfilling set, while keeping the crowd enthralled at all times.

Forming in 1992, the group released their debut album Ultimate Alternative Waters in 1993. Just a year later, Doug Martsch signed to Warner Bros. The deal was a rare one: Built To Spill kept creative control. The group’s adored sound of crunchy guitar hooks and waning vocals filled the Fillmore to a roaring crowd, all while keeping their soft-spoken, humbled approach to stage presence in check at all times. It was a celebrated event.

Download Mp3: Built to Spill: “Things Fall Apart”