Other Lives Interview Pt. 1: Getting To Know The Band


Preparing for this interview it occurred to us that many people still don’t know Other Lives. Sure, maybe you saw them on our Best of 2011 list, or noticed they toured with Bon Iver, or going on to tour with Radiohead (Yes, that’s right both indie’s new King, and its reigning ruler have given the band the nod of approval). You need to know them.

Forget their acclaims, because their second LP, Tamer Animals, is a rare gem that compels you to listen from beginning to end. For me, I’m draw on a journey that reminds of all the albums I’ve loved (and stil do), but have forgotten. Beginning with “Dark Horse” with its repetitious horn sections clearly influenced by the impressionistic style of Phillip Glass. Moving to “For 12” with its dark, omniscient eeriness that’s reminiscent of early Radiohead Then there is “Old Statue,” as if a spaghetti Western reinterpreted  The Beatle’s “Norwegian Wood.”

I have not felt this way about an album since For Emma Forever Ago. Please do yourself the favor, and get to know Other Lives.

This is the first video in a three part series.  Excuse the audio–it’s a little metallic (Actually, during our first recording session the audio didn’t work at all — but the group was nice enough to meet with us after the show to retape. Thanks, y’all!).