AraabMuzik at Clift Hotel [Photo Review]



Fresh off a new album release, Abraham Orellana, better known as AraabMuzik, packed the Clift Hotel Wednesday night for a “Coachella Preview” event. Orellana is known for his distinct sound of lively drum samples, placed over dreamy electronic melodies. Within seconds of hitting the stage, Orellana stole the crowd; they were dancing and screaming from the moment the beat dropped to the second he stepped off stage. The producer also mixed in a crowd-pleasing new sound of heavy dub-step influence, while still playing notable tracks from his debut album, Electronic Dream. His MPC skills are impeccable. His performance is something to marvel over. For big-name producers and DJs, even running a classic mixer setup through Ableton Live is an amazing feat to handle while performing in front of an audience. But to play literally every sound live, with a drum machine, and never miss a beat, is something special.

He’ll be playing all throughout the US over the next few months, with the highlight of the tour stopping off in Indio, Ca for the annual Coachella Music Festival. His newest album, Instrumental University was just released on January 31st, and is available through iTunes and your local record shop.