Deleted Scenes and A Lull at Rickshaw Stop [Photo Review]


Deleted Scenes and A Lull

Deleted Scenes dropped by the Rickshaw Stop, sharing the stage with A Lull and Ravenna Wood. Although the woeful 49ers loss may have kept a few extra people from braving the fifth stormy night in as many days, the group played a motivated and energetic set, much to the pleasure of the attending patrons.

Fresh off of their September 2011 release, Young People’s Church of the Air, the group focused on many of their more recent songs, while mixing in hits from 2009’s Birdseed Shirt. A Lull capped the night off with their fresh take on indie rock that is percussively influenced. The two bands complimented each other, both trading-in conventional songwriting for overall aesthetic timbre. It works.

A Lull – Weapons For War